Representation and distribution

Welcome to our warehouse, your trusted partner for gardening and construction, ready to welcome you with a warehouse always equipped with the latest news and all the materials you may need for your business but also for your free time.

Discover with us a selection of the best solutions for construction and professional hardware, for mechanics, masonry and gardening. We are always available for all the advice you need in choosing materials, the latest generation products and all the cutting-edge technologies and services in the construction and restoration sector.

Innovation and sustainability combined with the right mix of quality and price have always been our flagship, with a choice of the latest products for the science and practice of construction. You will find latest generation mortars and cements with very high performance for particular applications and with thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics according to the law, but not only. Our agents who are always present in the warehouse are at your complete disposal to illustrate with competence and courtesy the special procedures for the treatment and management of new materials, suggest special combinations and help you in loading and unloading operations for goods.


Here you will find a constantly updated space, with a showroom designed to stimulate your imagination and to help you find solutions to all your problems, both as regards construction and advanced gardening, with fountains, outdoor tiling and stones, natural and artificial. In the warehouse you will find a huge assortment of all the professional equipment of the best brands as well as materials, all available for immediate delivery even in considerable quantities, with the possibility of unloading directly where you need to apply them.


Moreover, years of experience have taught us how to suggest the optimal solution to transform your ideas into reality and to give you advice on how to manage the latest technological innovations for civil and professional construction. If you already have clear ideas about what you need, you can also directly order the goods and go for the collection, or trust us for a delivery directly to your home, at very interesting costs, with the utmost courtesy, reliability and competence.
We wanted to create a space designed specifically for professionals, so that they can relate to people in charge who speak in their own jargon, understand the problems and have the competence to direct them towards the best solution available. Come and visit us, we will dedicate all the time you need, listening to your requests and developing the best solution on the spot, always with the most updated materials and above all according to the law, in particular as regards the realization thermal coats and advanced building insulation.

Professionalism and Quality

Discover our department dedicated to the latest generation of insulating materials for acoustics, panels for heat treatment and special high-performance cements, which are very important to ensure that the work is done in a workmanlike manner.
You can confidently rely on us and our long experience in the construction and outdoor materials sector, for artistic decorations with a truly unique attention to detail.

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